Qnium   Qnium

Great products begin with great design, so 3D design enable us to get from concept to parts and assemblies. With powerful and intuitive simulation solutions, we can virtually test new ideas, quickly and efficiently evaluate performance, improve quality, and get the edge they need for product innovation. From the first prototypes to the final series production, we all produce in-house on the 5-axis milling machines.


The 19-year-old Qnium rider Ryan van de Lagemaat is the regular test driver for all Qnium products, for our test and in competition we use different bikes. 

Qnium Ryan van de Lagemaat   Qnium Ryan van de Lagemaat

Ryan van de Lagemaat with the Qnium racing team participated with a wildcard at the World championship  road racing on the TT Circuit  in Assen for the last 3 seasons.  


Qnium panigale V4   Qnium panigale V4

Qnium supermoto Husqvarna   Qnium supermoto Husqvarna

Qnium Yamaha R6   Qnium Yamaha R6 finger brake

Additional testing is done on our teams Ducati Panigale V4, Husqvarna supermoto or Yamaha R6.


Qnium ebdurance test

After all circuit tests, there is finally an endurance test to be able to deliver high-quality products.