9.About Us

About Us

 Qnium is a young and innovative company that focuses on developing high-performance brake and clutch control products for motorsport. This includes the thumb brake, finger brake, hand brake pumps, and master brake cylinders. Different types are available for the thumb brake, such as an OEM, axial and radial version. We also make rear brake cylinders that work together in combination for these thumb brakes. The focus is on the championships such as MotoGP, Superbike, Supersport, Supermoto and MX, but of course also with the sporty hobbyist.

Qnium distinguishes itself by developing high-quality products that come from motorsport. The focus is on developing products that offer advantages over the competition, by using innovative solutions and concepts. During development, aspects such as: weight, internal friction, stiffness etc. are constantly taken into account.