The legal warranty applies to all items that you purchase from us. A legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what the consumer can reasonably expect from it. Some products also come with a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty does not affect the legal warranty.

Qnium ensures that all products are delivered tested and checked and meet the highest quality standard. If it still happens that the product does not meet the standard you expect, we will make every effort to find a solution.

The statutory warranty applies to all products in the Qnium range. This legal warranty on production errors is at least 2 yearS.  Qnium (trade name Prodevelop BV) is responsible for supplying a good product. If this is not the case, Prodevelop BV will do everything to repair the product.

Should your purchase be defective or defective for no apparent reason, you can return the purchased product and we will repair and return it as soon as possible. Fall damage excluded.