RM-40 Sensor

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Connection rear brake Side banjo
Thumb/Left-hand brake connection inSide banjo

40mm mounting hole distance - No threat

Brake pressure sensor mounting M10x1

Titanium bleeding nipple


Aluminum 6082 - High gloss anodized.
Color Titanium, Platinum, Orange.
Piston 1/2"  - Aluminum 7075
Qnium seal design. 
Brake oil DOT 4.0 or 5.1
Bolts Titanium Pro-Bolt.
Banjo Titanium Pro-Bolt.

Art. nr. 107626

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This brake pump has been specially developed for people who want to keep the pedal brake in addition to the thumb/left-hand brake. These brake pumps are available with an extra banjo connection for the thumb/left hand brake.

Of course the thumb/left-hand brake can also be mounted directly on the rear brake caliper without a rear brake pump.

This brake pump is equipped with an additional connection for a M10x1 brake pressure  sensor.