Finger brake

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Radial system
Handlebar clamp Ø22 clamp
Adjustable lever length 115 - 142mm
Adjustable lever position with rotary Q knob
Aluminum 6082 - High gloss anodized.
Color Titanium, Platinum, Orange.
Pivot Both pivots, double bearing.
Piston 12mm - Aluminum 7075
Qnium seal design for a better feel.
Brake oil DOT 4.0 or 5.1
Reservoir 15 ml
Reservoir hose Brake oil resistant
Bolts Titanium Pro-Bolt.
Banjo Titanium Pro-Bolt.
Venting nipple Titanium Pro-Bolt.

art. nr. 1051700

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Not everyone has a preference for the thumb brake, therefore a finger brake has also been developed. This finger brake is mounted to the left at the clutch handle. This radial finger brake has the same optimization as the radial thumb brake and is optimized at all points to get the brake feel to the highest possible level. The pivot point and the pivot point of the trade adjustment are both double-bearing, which eliminates the friction of the max. Bar pressure in the pivot point. This results in a lesser force with the fingers to get the same brake pressure. More importantly, the feeling improves so that the rear brake is easier to control.

The finger brake gives great benefits for better driving style, resulting in faster lap times. With the finger (s) you have a better braking feeling than with the foot. Furthermore, you can now also use the rear brake in a right-hand bend, when it is difficult to operate the rear brake with the right feeling.

You can use the finger brake in different ways,
- Better control in braking phase.
- Turn in the middle of the bend.
- Power control during acceleration.

For people who want to keep the pedal brake in addition to the finger brake, rear brake pumps are available with an extra banjo connection for the finger brake.